Kiya Nancarrow

The main inspiration for my work comes from the notion that energy passes through all things in a continuum of movement.

Originally this took my interest when training as a Buddhist Psychotherapist. There is something reassuring in this sense of continuum, when life seems made up of beginnings, endings, stages, ages... the flow of energy continues.

This style of making became the basis of my visual language for exploring what was felt or perceived. The work has become more dynamic and visually expressive over time with new experiences thrown in to the mix.

Clay is a wonderfully responsive material (with a contrary side). I enjoy creating a sense of movement and/or energy in an otherwise fairly stolid material.

Clay is basically inert but can be persuaded to fly.

I hope that the viewer's eye will flow around a piece with little sense of beginning, ending, or interruption.

It is not possible to totally control this process so chance plays a major role and ensures individuality in each piece. The coming together of partner pieces only in the last stages of making also ensures the magic remains.

Each piece is a one-off with all indoor pieces fired to 1100 degrees.

I use Terra Sigillata to seal the surface. All pieces are wheel thrown then altered.




Kiya Nancarrow


Waters Deep

Kiya Nancarrow



Kiya Nancarrow


Bounce Back

Kiya Nancarrow