Katie Hayles

Katie Hayles is an Ōtautahi-born artist, completing her BFA Hons at Ilam School of Fine
Arts in 2022. She was awarded the Sawtell-Turner Prize in painting for 2022, and
nominated in the Zonta Ashburton Female art awards for 2023. She is primarily a painter,
working with both acrylic and oil techniques to create her artworks.

“My work aims to visually represent the subjectivity and nuance of human perceptions.
Perception of the natural world and/or an understanding of life on earth is influenced by
things such as scientific understanding or spiritual beliefs. The ‘unseen’ forces within
reality are approached and understood differently, depending on a person’s
knowledge. The natural world in my own work is created from imagined realities in my
mind, aiming to pin down my personal understanding.” - Katie Hayles, March 2023




Katie Hayles



Katie Hayles


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Katie Hayles



Katie Hayles