Jane Mitchell

“Having graduated with honours in Painting from the University of Otago in 1987, my
artistic journey has taken me to diverse locations across the globe. Throughout my
career, I have lived and exhibited my artwork in New Zealand, London, Jakarta, Hong
Kong, and Seoul. After spending seven amazing years in Seoul, where I had the
opportunity to exhibit at the Seoul Arts Center, I have recently relocated and now reside
in Hong Kong, where I passionately pursue my art and prepare for upcoming exhibitions.

Being based in Hong Kong has opened doors to an array of inspiring opportunities within
the international art scene. Additionally, my extensive travels throughout Europe and
Asia provide me with a wealth of ideas and inspiration for my artworks. Beyond my
artistic practice, I am also passionate about art education. I currently work in the Visual
Arts Department at one of the top International IB schools in Asia. As an educator, my
teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in my personal goal of being a lifelong learner,
constantly honing my craft, evolving my pedagogy, and establishing meaningful
connections with my students. I strive to mentor individuals to become risk-takers and
creative entrepreneurs, encouraging them to explore new possibilities in their artistic

While I currently reside in Hong Kong, I proudly consider myself a New Zealand artist. Despite my geographical location, my artistic identity remains deeply rooted in my New Zealand heritage and influences. Throughout my career, I have embraced opportunities to exhibit and engage with the global art community, transcending borders and showcasing my work across various international platforms.” - Jane Mitchell



Slow Departure

Jane Mitchell


The Decision

Jane Mitchell


The Party

Jane Mitchell


Low Level Cloud

Jane Mitchell



Jane Mitchell


Enigma by Jane Mitchell

Jane Mitchell