Dominic Burrell

Dominic Burrell is one of the most exciting emerging glass artists in New Zealand. His work is sculptural and diverse, with debates about spatial composition, colour layering and dialogues about inside/outside dimension.

Dominic Burrell has been the recipient of many awards including First Place Award winner at the New Zealand Glass Conference (2005); Ranamok Finalist, Australian Art Glass Awards, Canberra, Australia (2005); Finalist, Norsewear Art Awards, Napier; 2nd Place Award, New Zealand Glass Conference (2005). Graduating in 2002 with a Certificate in Glass Design and Production from Wanganui UCOL, Dominic Burrell has exhibited widely in New Zealand and has exhibited internationally in Australia, Asia and North America.

Born in 1972 Dominic studied social science at Otago University then interior design, before graduating in 2003 from Wanganui glass design school.

"What draws me to design and production of glass forms is the formal qualities in composition. I am drawn to the aesthetic placement of point, line and plane and the use of colour within this."