Jane Mitchell


03 - 31 May 24

Opening night:
Friday 3rd May, 5pm – 7pm
No invitation required, all welcome.

This collection seeks to explore the intricate interplay between humanity and the ever-shifting landscapes that ground us. By resonating with the echoes of time and delving into our profound connection with the natural world, these artworks invite viewers to contemplate the synergistic relationship between our existence and the ever-evolving environments we inhabit.

One series within this collection, titled 'Time Stamp' consists of small paintings that explore the ephemeral beauty of everyday life. Drawing inspiration from fleeting moments often overlooked in our fast-paced lives, these artworks capture seemingly random scenes and blurred moments photographed from car or train windows on my travels. Each painting freezes a unique moment in time, ranging from urban landscapes to idyllic rural vistas, united by their evocation of transient beauty and impermanence.

Artworks incorporate an additional layer of complexity by integrating acrylic and resin. Each painting within the series features a acrylic layer that serves as a barrier between the viewer and the depicted landscape. Delicately layered resin raindrops adorn the acrylic surface, adding movement and depth to the artwork. As lighting conditions change throughout the day, the raindrops interact with the shifting light, creating a dynamic and ever-changing visual experience. The use of acrylic and resin not only adds visual interest to the paintings but also serves to underscore the transience and fragility of the captured moments. By introducing a physical barrier and incorporating the dynamic element of the resin raindrops, these artworks remind us that even the moments we capture and preserve are subject to the perpetual flux and transformations of the world around us.