Sean Beldon

Wish You Were Here

05 - 26 April 24

Gallery Thirty Three is pleased to present 'Wish You Were Here', an exhibition of paintings by artist Sean Beldon.

Wish you were here

The Auckland lockdown was difficult for all involved. For Sean Beldon, it flattened his desire to paint, as most of Beldon’s inspiration stems from the New Zealand landscape which he no longer had access to. As a result, he stopped painting at this time.

Emerging from this, when Beldon returned to painting, his collection of artworks and subsequent solo exhibition, are inspired by past road trips, shared with family and friends. Beldon’s photographs from past travels are the initial inspiration or DNA of the paintings. But as this series of artworks has developed, Beldon’s paintings appear more abstracted as he curates his own version of the landscape. Each painting becomes an ‘idealistic postcard’ from the artist to his overseas family – wish you were here.