Siobhan Wooding

Views From the Past, Now

01 - 22 September 23

Stars intrusively invade the work. We experience certain stars as they were hundreds, thousands and some millions of years ago, given the distance their light must travel to us.

Our lives are essentially fueled by the stars past selves. My approach towards developing this work also seems to be fueled by a nostalgic drive.

If we were able to look at the initial layers of these works you would see a more controlled, muted and deliberate starting point. As the layers build and build, my true intentions reveal themselves.  

Childlike impulses constantly appear to win. There is an instinctual pressure to make my images more vivid, more polychromatic, more tactile. There is a need to graffiti the canvas to assert, I was here. And ultimately, a desire to represent idealised images rather than reality.

These intuitive responses to my environment seem to reveal an optimistic subversion, like a child poking their head out from behind the curtain during a game of hide and seek, choosing comical amusement over an aspiration to win.

- Siobhan Wooding, 2023