Deborah Moss

Songs From the Rain

01 - 22 September 23

In this collection of new works, figurative elements and palette choices reflect an acknowledgement of the weather conditions in Auckland this year. It was inevitable that references to water would flow onto the canvas with the persistent presence of rain on the rural landscape surrounding my home and studios. Rhythmic, gestural marks echo forceful downpours observed from windows or heard on rooftops.

Paintings such as ‘Back To the Light’ and ‘Utter East’ suggest a period of transition back to more dependable conditions, while ‘Into the Forest’ celebrates a return to walks through the forest on our land when the weather eased – a place of comfort and inspiration.

The artworks in ‘Songs From the Rain’ are not pessimistic, rather they demonstrate the riches gained by mining or processing challenging events through the creative act of painting. This develops resilience, purpose and even reveals beauty in the aftermath of adversity.

- Deborah Moss, 2023